Turn Your Fears Into Big Wins For Your Business

I took my kids skiing in Vermont this past weekend.

They went once about 4 years ago and this was their first time since.

We started on the bunny slope and green circles …all was going well.

My daughter thought she was ready to try a blue square…it was much steeper than any of the others.

I think she got a little spooked and just went flying down the mountain, totally out of control.

She ended up crashing and bumped into some guy in his late 40’s.

The guy got mad and started yelling at her.

Then, I came down the mountain.

The fangs came out.

I’ve never had a grown adult talk to my kid this way and I was ready to destroy him…it was a very primal feeling.

I controlled my emotions and instead gave this man a verbal wedgie and made him feel like a complete A-hole for yelling at an 11 year old girl who was learning how to ski…

…he skied away very quickly with his tail tucked between his legs.

My daughter was a little shook up and we talked about what happened.

We spent the next few hours on the green circles together and she got so much better.

I broke for lunch but she continued to ski with her cousins.

She ended up going down the same slope that she crashed on…all by herself and told me she did great.

Huge Win.

The fastest way to overcome something you’re afraid of is to face it head-on.

She would have stayed scared of the Blue Squares and possibly of skiing in general if she left the mountain that day and didn’t try that slope again.

If there’s something you’re scared of or nervous about…the quickest way to overcome it is to take massive action and do something about it.

Action Cures Fear.

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