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Coming off my Perform Better Webinar yesterday my focus now shifts back to a huge event coming up.

It’s our latest virtual Mastermind meeting.

We normally do these in person but due to the circumstances our next meeting will be virtual.

But with every negative there’s always a positive, sometimes more.

Since it’s virtual I was able to book 5 speakers that I would never be able to get all together at one live event.

The line-up is better than anything I’ve yet to see and includes people from both inside and outside of the fitness industry.

Here’s the line-up and speaker topics.

Now, this is for my private Mastermind members but I have let a few outsiders behind the velvet rope.

It’s NOT free to outsiders but I’m charging a nominal fee for this kind of line-up

More Importantly, I only want to sell 2 more seats to this.

If you’d like to purchase a seat to this, send me an email with the word Yes!

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