Websites are Dead

Someone told to me a few years ago that websites are dead. 

I scratched my head confused. 

When you go to look for something online, where do you go?

Where does most of the world go? 


Why have fitness professionals been ignoring the one place people visit the most online. 

It’s kind of like a huge party right outside the parking lot of your gym filled with people looking for you and you don’t go outside to talk to them.  

I just finished filming the video for the homepage of the GFP website. 

It’s a small piece of a very large project I am working on to overhaul our site because its something we have mistakenly ignored. 

We see the importance of a website now more than ever. 

Due to the ever-increasing issues with Facebook your website is becoming an important piece of your marketing effort, if you’re not working on this, it needs to be on your radar. 

But here’s the problem about most websites. 

They are all designed with one thing in mind: give information about your company and make it look cool.  

There are pictures of the owner all over and it goes into great length about their semi private programs and even goes the extra mile and gives you the prices for all of the 45 services you offer. 

Massive mistake. 

Your website needs to do 2 things: 

First, it needs to communicate very quickly, who you help and what problems you solve for them. 

While filming the video I highlighted 3 very specific problems that our target market had that we solved. 

I repeated myself several times and kept focusing on those 3 problems. 

Now when someone comes to my site, they know that we solve their problems. 

They know we can help them. 

Second, your website needs to have plentiful opportunities to get them to contact you. 

If your website is set up to convert, it’s going to be a very nice consistent lead source for you. 

Most websites are not set up to convert.  

I know this because I had one like that for a while. 

No more. Overlooking this is a huge mistake. 

I’ll be talking about websites and how you can make yours better in the 6 Week New Client Surge that starts on March 26th 

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