What Bad Marketing Looks Like

With the 6 Week New Client Surge around the corner,  https://fitbusinessuniversity.com/client-surge, marketing and sales have been on my mind. 


That said, its honestly always on my mind. 

It’s on my mind all the time because I learned the hard way when it wasn’t. 

I used to do something called Squirrel Marketing. 

I would feel us getting slow so I would throw out an ad in the newspaper.


I would read a cool blog on getting more clients so I would try it. 

I would see a new competitor come into town and vow I was going to crush them so I started putting signs all over. 

Blah, Blah, Blah 

I was so terrible at marketing when I started. 

Marketing should not be random events. 

Marketing needs to be a system. 

One could argue it is the most important system for your business. 

There are two parts to marketing you need to know to be successful: 


  1. Strategy 

  1. Tactics 

Think of this in terms of building a house. 

The strategy is all the stuff that happens before the house is built. It is the architect coming up with the blueprint and discussing everything with the contractor to make sure they are on the same page. 

Imagine a house being built without this, probably not a place you’ll want to live. 


The same goes for your marketing. 


Too many gyms do stuff without creating that allimportant blueprint for success. 


That blueprint is your strategy.  

Staying with our house example, the tactics are the things like putting on the roof and the windows. 

This is your email marketing, social media, direct mail, etc.  

The tactics are necessary but usually get all the focus.  

This is where it would be smart to hire people. You need to draw the blueprint but you could always have an expert bricklayer lay the bricks.  

In the 6 Week Surge, we unpack how to create a strategy and then deploy the right tactics to make the strategy a success. 




When it all comes together it’s beautiful, profitable thing.  


There’s a lot to learn but once you get it, it’s like a gift that keeps on giving.  


Today is the last day I will be taking calls for the Surge. 


Click here to get started and chat with me about it. 




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