What the HELL Should Gym Owners Do All Day?

I had a gym owner ask me recently…what the hell should I be doing with my time all day long? 

Funny, I had very similar thoughts years ago…most notably when I shifted from trainer to gym owner. 

There isn’t anything more frustrating than working all day…than coming home and being totally mad at yourself for not even being able to recall what the hell you did all day…

…and in many cases, it was a series of putting out fires and responding to requests from other people instead of doing the real work that creates success 

Tomorrow at 12 PM EST I’ll be teaching an exclusive masterclass to unpack how to know what you should be doing all day long…when you know you need to delegate and when it’s time to hire someone…

…So you can feel good about the day you had instead of wondering what else you should have been doing.

…when you find out what you should be doing…and stop doing what you shouldn’t…real magic occurs. 

You’ll Learn…

EVERY gym owner is in 1 of 4 stages…find out where you are now…and what the most important things are for the owner to do at each stage are. 

The top 2 things I coach gym owners to give up first 

The top 2 things I coach gym owners to give up last 

My ultimate productivity secret…when this is adopted into your life it’s essentially time management on PED’s….You’ll never NOT do this after you learn it 

My go-to exercise when I lose focus

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Vince Gabriele 

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