What You Need To Know About Your Gym

Having been working with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business program for the last several weeks my knowledge of how a real business is run is increasing 10-fold.

When I started GFP I had minimal experience with business.

I worked as a personal trainer and spent 12 hours a day training people, the other times of the day I was learning about becoming the best trainer I could be.

After about 6 years of this I started my own business. No business training, no real idea of how a real business should be run.

I was able to be successful based on desire and hard work but my understanding of business when I started was minimal.

I am amazed at how much I have learned and how excited I am to be with people that truly understand how a successful business should be and also how to take a business from good to great.

We can all start out and generate revenue the first several years.

As we get into it, things start to expose themselves and our lack of understanding about business starts to show up.

This could be in lack of clarity of your numbers, issues with your team members, not being able to adapt when your business grows quickly, not having a system in place to evaluate your current systems.

We all need a higher level of understanding of business if we are going to make in the long run.

I didn’t get into business to have a great first few years and then tread water.

I got into business to have massive success; I understand that knowing how a real business is set up is crucial to LONG TERM SUCCESS.

This means going beyond your comfort level.

I sat in a 3-hour financial workshop last night that was way beyond my comfort level, but I know these are things I need to do to be successful for the long haul.

Whatever it is understand that the longer you are in business the more higher level business knowledge you will need to continue to be successful

Maybe it is hiring me as your business coach (Shameless plug) 🙂 doing a small business development program like the one I am currently doing, maybe its getting an MBA

Remember its not that hard to start up a gym and have success your first few years(tons of guys do it)

Here are some stats for you:

70% of business survives the first 2 years
50% survive the 5 years
33.5 % survive the first 10 years
25% survive the first 15 years
I love training, its why I do what I do BUT when you decided to open your own business you became more than a trainer.

You became an entrepreneur, which is by definition the ability to identify opportunities, organize resources and provide leadership to create something of value for the individual and the community. This is your job.

If you are looking to make sure your to-do list is focusing on the right things, move everything that doesn’t include identifying opportunities, organizing resources, and providing leadership to the bottom of your list


even more effective, move it someone else’s list.

Want to know how much work an entrepreneur should delegate? Stay tuned.

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