What “Yogging” Can Teach You About Getting New Clients

I’m not here to judge, but…

I had a conversation with a neighbor recently who said something about a new workout routine he was doing (yogging).

He was all into telling me about the new route he was taking for his yog…right before I fell asleep… I got the idea to tell him about an awesome huge hill right by our houses…

…Until he revealed what his master plan was all along.

His new route was created to “avoid the hills.”

My idea to suggest to him my Monday hill was crushed, and just when the conversation was about to get exciting (talking about hill running) I had to pull it back.

Oh well, guess I will still be on the hill by myself unless Joe Hashey, the FBU Head Business Coach, is in town for a mastermind meeting–Joe NEVER misses a hill workout.

Now, first let me tell you about hill running.

Hill running, while physically and mentally very hard… reaps incredible benefits.

When I’m consistent on the hill, everything about my fitness is better.

They suck, but I love them.

Plus, if I ever decide to do something crazy like run on flat ground for an extended period of time, it’s easy, because I’ve been on the hill.

Here’s how this relates to business:

Gym owners know they need a successful marketing plan to have a great business.

But it’s the one skill they avoid most.

They dabble in it, but most of the time they stay on the flat ground.

They typically don’t put in the hard work needed to get extreme benefits (like hill running).

If they did, their business and life would change.

My life changed when I learned marketing. It took some work, not going to lie, but it was worth it.

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