Why This Gym Owner Said I Was Full Of ____

I had a guy blast me the other day basically saying my emails were BS, gave little to no value and all I’m trying to do is sell something.

On the other side, I get emails from you guys telling me how you LOVE them.  

Even my mom tells me they’re OK.

Who should I listen to? 

The ONE guy that said my emails are BS or the dozens of others that say they love them?

The normal human brain only wants to focus on the one guy and ignore the other great emails.  

Here’s what I do: 

I focus on and am grateful for when you reply with positive feedback. 

I use the content I get in my bad reviews as, well, another email!

Many of you have responded here and told me you implemented something I taught you and made money.

You’ve told me you now manage your time better.

You’ve told me I helped you get out of your own head and realized everything is going to be ok.  

It makes my day and I appreciate it, keep it coming, thank you!

The reality is YES, I am trying to sell something here (something magnificent by the way).

It’s the same process with you and your gym.

You send emails to your list with helpful information about exercise and nutrition.  You know you need them in your gym to make a transformation.

When you work with them in person and hold them accountable, magic happens.

I love the fact that so many of you get real value from my emails.  What I’d really like to see is a transformation.

I can make you better from my emails but I cannot transform you, your business and your life from an email.

The 40 members of my Mastermind and the people that get hands on coaching from me know this.

These great people experience massive changes in their business and life by working with them directly and holding them accountable to what they said they were going to accomplish.

Reply here with the word YES to chat with me about either and take a step toward your business and life transformation 

I have a VERY limited number of spots for calls in November due to the mastermind meeting and a Vacation to California with my family, please reply ASAP to get a spot.  


P.S. If in 2019 you pretty much run the same plays, things will probably stay the same.

P.P.S Reply here to not let that happen. 

Vince Gabriele

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