Why You Don’t Have A Coach Right Now

Have you been trying to run your business through a pandemic all by yourself?

Let me help you and your business out for the next 60 days for $1. 


There’s no high performer on the planet that does not have a coach. 

Even Tiger Woods has a swing coach. 

But you’ve had an excuse NOT to get a coach.

Your gym has been closed, you probably had a bunch of members freeze and your revenue most likely went down. 

This brought fear, uncertainty and anxiety and you’ve been getting bombed from coaches to help you “Pivot”.

You probably didn’t trust many of them because they never ran a gym in their life…

…And they have NO clue what you’re going through.

Well, I do. 

I’m a gym owner, just like you and I know exactly what you’ve been through and what you’re currently facing…exactly. 

But I realize many of you didn’t want to spend a ton of money to hire me…I get that.

In fact, the advice I gave my clients to make sure they were not burning cash…cost me money.

But It didn’t feel ethical to NOT give that advice.

But now, that excuse is out the window for you.

Because it’s a measly $1 to work with me for 60 days.

There’s honestly nothing to lose and a boatload to gain, including a grip of new clients.

Side Note: My gym brought in 29 new clients in July.

Some people have told me I know what I’m doing. 


Here’s a few kind words from the people I’ve coached through the pandemic. 
 “I don’t know where I’d be without them”– Tony Bianchino, Outrun Your Fork

I have more time with my wife and daughter”-Oliver Nam, Thrive Training
“I would have been forced to shut my doors.”George McGuire, Create Fitness
“I was more prepared than any other business”Eric Driver, Mission Performance & Personal Training
“SPF has allowed me to step up my game for myself, my business and my family.”-Mike Williams, No Limits Fitness
“2-3 Steps Ahead”-Prodigy Fitness 
“Stronger than ever before”

-Cary Huggard, TTR Performance

“Thanks to SPF, my team and I will be better out of this”
-Matt Jennings, The Lift Gym
“Surround Yourself with the Right People”- Robert Rodriguez, BDX Fitness
“It’s the best decision we’ve ever made for our business”– Marty Musikant, Active Life Fitness
“I wouldn’t have been able to get through this”-Noam Tamir, TS Fitness
Hope that convinces you to spend the buck.

If not, there’s a guru waiting for you to give them $10,000 for their “Online Training Course”

Vince Gabriele 

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