Why You Need to Make a Stop-Doing List (The Powerful Missing Half to Your To-Do List)

Most gym owners have a to-do list but what they really need is a stop-doing list to be more productive and have more energy.

Here’s the quick assignment

Step 1: Write down every task you do in a given week

Step 2: Assign each task into one of these 4 categories:

1. Love/great: You love doing it and you’re awesome at it

2. Like/Good: You like doing it and you’re pretty good at it

3. Don’t like/Good: You dislike this task but you know you do it very well

4. Don’t Like/Not good: You hate doing this and you suck at it

Step 3: Get as many things as possible in categories 3 and 4 off your to-do list

It’s not likely you’ll be able to dump all of them…

…but start with a few and repeat the exercise once every 3 months.

Here’s 3 places to put them:

· Delegate to a team member/Virtual assistant

· Stop the task entirely

· Create better system that does it automatically

My guess is only a handful of you reading will actually do this.

But the ones that do…will get a ton of time and energy back.

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